Ignite with Me

A free companion for you or your book club to do a deeper dive into the pages of my second book Ignite: Lighting the Leader Fire. Join me for some fresh content, illuminating examples and specific exercises that will turn your embers into action.

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Welcome to the Fire!

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Come Ignite with Me!

Here's a look at what's waiting for you inside this free course

  • 2

    She: Why Me?

    • LISTEN: She

    • WATCH: How I'm Holding "Leader"

    • PLAY: The Waiting Game

    • LISTEN: Uncharted Waters

    • CONSIDER: Being The Author

    • PLAY: Write Your Story

  • 3

    Wellspring: Why Does This Matter?

    • LISTEN: Wellspring

    • CONSIDER: Heartbreak

    • PLAY: What Breaks Your Heart?

    • LISTEN: The Other Way

    • PLAY: Your Plural Ways

  • 4

    Roots: What's Happening To Me

    • WATCH: Welcome to Roots!

    • LISTEN: Roots

    • CONSIDER: It's You and It's Us

    • PLAY: What's In You, What's In Us?

    • LISTEN: Keening

    • PLAY: Hard Truths & Sliver Lies Exercise

    • SHARE: Where do you want to hear more?

  • 5

    Movement: How Do I Do This?

  • 6

    Perspective: How Can I Keep Going?

    • LISTEN: Perspective

    • CONSIDER: Staying Whole + Upright

    • LISTEN: A Woman of Intrigue

  • 7

    So...Now What?

    • Middle Of The Night Letter

Want to cozy up with a good book? And me?

When my second book was released last November, I heard this from readers: "I feel like we're having a conversation..." Well here's a chance to take it a step further, my friend.

Here's a look at where we'll be playing in this five-module course

Our explorations will mirror—and go deeper inside—the anchoring questions of my book: Why Me? Why Does This Matter? What's Happening To Me? How Do I Do This? How Can I Keep Going? We'll go beyond the stories and examples served up in the book, and dive into how all this applies to you...and your leader fire.

Ready to Ignite with Me?

The first module of the course will arrive in your inbox on Tuesday, May 19th, but you'll have access to this course for the rest of 2020!